Ouran's Newest Student (OHSHC x Reader x ?????)

Ouran's Newest Student (OHSHC x Reader x ?????)

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Lizzie Rose By TheD0ct0rD0nna Updated Sep 21, 2015

(y/n) (l/n) was a normal 16-year-old girl, until her parents won the lottery and decided to move to Tokyo. She is then enrolled in Ouran Academy, where she sees herself as a misfit. While trying to find a quiet place to study, she stumbles upon the school's host club, where handsome boys with too much time on their hands entertain beautiful ladies with too much time on their hands. The only problem? (y/n)'s a bit shy. 

How will the host club get her out of her shell? Will (y/n) make any friends? How will the host club compete against a rival school? Read on to find out! 

Note: The question marks means that there will be another anime involved! I'm not going to tell you anymore, so guess away on what the second anime is!

  • haruhi
  • hikaru
  • honey
  • kaoru
  • kyoya
  • mori
  • ohshc
  • tamaki
  • xreader
AgentKittypaws AgentKittypaws Dec 30, 2017
[Takes the dress and burns it] I'll be wearing my favorite hoodie, thank you very much
SuicidalGhostSenpai SuicidalGhostSenpai Oct 03, 2017
The funny thing is I said in this that Andy biersack is my brother... he's the lead singer in black veil brides
otaku354 otaku354 Apr 01
Kunugigaoka Junior High School or Fairy High (only a real High school in the OVA(s) of fairy tail) or Death Weapon Meister Academy or Iwatobi High School or True cross Academy or Kuoh Academy or Cross Academy
_Natashi_ _Natashi_ Dec 05, 2017
•burns the dress and holds up a cross• Out of this house!
ImaSquidKid ImaSquidKid Oct 13, 2017
Oh my fvcking god madoka magica made me cry for days
                              Hetalia ruined my life
                              Attack on Titan made me feel like I have anger issues
                              Death note fvcked my brain (somehow...)
otaku354 otaku354 Apr 01
Shades of Blue... Shades of Purple... Black... Blood Red... And platinum gold or platinum silver