The Psycho And The Alpha

The Psycho And The Alpha

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☺Maka☺ By ThatAnimeGirl-Maka Updated Aug 14, 2015

Meet Katherine, or better known as Nightmare, has been in a insane asylum for 7years already. She has killed countless Humans, vampire even her own kind, werewolves. They tried to kill her,but failed. She has beta and alpha blood, the strongest and rarest blood. She can't escape.because 1) the whole place is made out of pure silver, her cell is 15 inches deep, all silver.And 2) she in a semi-sleep stage, kinda like being drugged.  Until she wakes up out of her semi-sleep stag, sensing her mate.

Now, meet Cody Kanji, strongest Alpha in the southern hemisphere. His pack, Bloodcreek, has been striving for years, even without an Luna. He never really thought much about mates and if he found his mate, until he caught her.

Warning: feels might be spilled. You have been warned.

Kiki-moore Kiki-moore Jun 15
This girl was sleeping for 7 years.
                              Bio I can't even sleep for 8 hours and she sleep for 7 years.
Once I was seven years old,
                              My mama told me,
                              'Go get yourself some friends or you'll be lonely.' 
                              Once I was seven years old,
My momma told me I need to make myself some friends or I'll be lonely!