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Secruity guards X reader

Secruity guards X reader

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FreakGirl00g0 By FreakGirl00g0 Updated Jul 16, 2015

You are 19 and your looking for a job. You still have memory's of your 6 best friends from when you were 5 untill you had to move away at 11 and couldnt talk to them but you seen that they took the same job as you and you all hang about together now untill they start getting felling for you again.

InkSans34 InkSans34 Nov 25, 2016
I wanted to say 6's buuuut naaaaaaaaah religious people hate it xD
FreshSansy1 FreshSansy1 Mar 06
I love baby's and kids as much as the next guy but I don't wanna deal with no snot nosed brat
Hi-im-Bob Hi-im-Bob Jan 02
Don't we have to be like bodyguards for like,the president or somethin cause if so THAT IS A NO TO THE N O. I AINT RISKING MY LIFE FOR A SNOBBY ORANGE WHO CUT A LEMONS HEAD OFF AND WORE IT TO SHOW DOMINANCE!!!
Darkmoon100 Darkmoon100 Jun 20, 2016
Can anyone tell me what to look up to find that cover picture because I need that in my life 😂
Sweet! I'll just rename myself Grillby, and I'm sure to get the job! 😋 (sorry, I had to. 😂)
FreshSansy1 FreshSansy1 Mar 06
I would love to try some alcohol anytime I want! But risk getting hit on by some drunkys? No thanks