☆:*the boss ☆.。.:* ➟ muke ✓

☆:*the boss ☆.。.:* ➟ muke ✓

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in which michael's boss has a thing for michael along with everyone else in the office.
or, "when were you planning on telling me that i was just another one of your little whores?" 
"never, because you're more to me than just another whore- ah, fuck, that came out wrong."
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started: august 2nd, 2015
ended: april 28th, 2016

got 100k on december 16th, 2016 :-)

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KitKatSam KitKatSam Nov 25, 2017
Why do I️ feel like brooks is like a puppy that won’t stop licking you, accept in this case it’s a bit different
danpire1667 danpire1667 Jan 13
Okay I’m Australian and got confused for a minute when I read that it was cold in February
aestheticalymuke aestheticalymuke Aug 29, 2017
i love that gif so much its so adornmxndndndn my parents 😭😭
5sos_is_a_religon 5sos_is_a_religon Aug 15, 2017
How do you text at 5:02 at the same time that's insane I've tried that it's impossible
wiredshut wiredshut Nov 07, 2017
Im getting some feelings that brooks and calum are some backstabbing hoes
Blue_Skittles17 Blue_Skittles17 Nov 05, 2017
That gif is my favourite Muke moments and oMfg sjejeieownausudjeow