the boss ➟ muke ✓

the boss ➟ muke ✓

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in which michael's boss has a thing for michael along with everyone else in the office.
or, "when were you planning on telling me that i was just another one of your little whores?" 
"never, because you're more to me than just another whore- ah, fuck, that came out wrong."
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started: august 2nd, 2015
ended: april 28th, 2016

got 100k on december 16th, 2016 :-)

Omf TF is Brooksy 😂😂😂😂😂 I can't help but laugh omg!!!!!😂
tintedluke tintedluke Dec 24, 2016
well damn i was gonna call him a cheater but y'all beat me to it lol
that moment when you know it's a muke fic and they won't be together for long
ILavayooux ILavayooux Aug 29, 2016
Eww why've they gotta be cute? I wanted them to be a shlt couple lmao
ILavayooux ILavayooux Aug 29, 2016
When he pulled Brooks' collar I thought he'd found hickeys from someone else lmao
AradiaMegdio AradiaMegdio Oct 17, 2016
Is it just me or does this make anyone thing 50 share of grey