Who's Your Daddy? [z.m]

Who's Your Daddy? [z.m]

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He caressed my jaw, placing light kisses along it. Leaving me in complete bliss.

"Who's your daddy?" He whispered biting down softly on my neck.

I moaned in response. 

"Answer me, sweet cheeks." His raspy voice demanded. 

"Y-you are -" I bit my lip seductively. 



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Can u take me to the church? I want to bathe with the holy water pls?
Iam_Lazy Iam_Lazy Dec 24, 2017
This time I am ready to run
                              Away from his willy and follow the sun
whoresocial whoresocial Sep 03, 2017
when you tryna be badass but inside you know you're terrified like a bitch
Me: “im going to leave, fuk this”
                              Me to me: “exactly, let him fuk this pussy u dumb bîtch, stay”
-audiblez -audiblez May 13, 2017
                              BUT MY BODY, MY BODY'S TELLIN ME YEAHHHH