The Mafia's girl

The Mafia's girl

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Efraim Kayliegh C. Alfon By khimmyAlfie Updated Aug 19

The cover is by @saudi_araybia check out her book..

This story is so cliche for me but I have this habit of making stories in my mind and it keeps running in my head, bugging me until I write it down. And now that Christmas break is starting I finally have time to write it down and finish my story.

The Mafia's Girl

Samantha's life wasn't special, she wasn't outgoing nor was she the girl you would notice at first glance. She was the wallflower of a family of artists, she was the girl simple, quiet and shy sister comparegd to her siblings.... 

But her simple and boring life will all change the moment HIS eyes land on hers. 

HE must have her, and he doesn't care for what it takes to have her by her side mind, body and soul. ... And He cant wait to claim her as his, as THE MAFIA BOSS'S GIRL

sallasilou sallasilou Feb 21
Plz update u r story nd i know its goin 2 be amzin' nd cant wit 4 dy nxt chptr
Tia_jayde Tia_jayde Mar 20
Amazingg👀👌💯 but i thought it was samanthaa 🤔‼️💕
shield_chick shield_chick 7 days ago
Nothing cliche about it stories are stories and need to be told. Besides your so not alone I can't tell you how many stories I have going on inside my little noodle! 😊