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The Neighbors Watch.

The Neighbors Watch.

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Rebecca By wild1199 Updated May 19, 2016

Brooke Blaze: a good girl, she does her homework, gets A's in everything, smart, plays basket ball. She's not a nerd or geek. She's unique. Alec Blair has been living in the house right next to hers.  He's a bad boy, player, popular, good at basketball, and wealthy. 

But what happens when Brooke meets a friend, and they become more than friends. 

Will Alec be their to protect her?
Will he be a hero? 

Will he save the day?

brooke is basically me. i have all A's, i'm not a nerd but at the same time no quite the social butterfly, and i ball til i fall. 😂😂🏀
world_of_harmonizers world_of_harmonizers Jul 29, 2016
He didn't give you a b you gave yourself a b... But still hilarious! 😂
Khushi_Parakh Khushi_Parakh Mar 24, 2016
Hey ! No offense but don't really like the feel of snakes 🙁
jellybean893 jellybean893 Jul 24, 2016
Wow, she's just like me. I play everyday and write music. 😀
Scones17 Scones17 Jan 03
I play piano, keyboard,ukuele,flute and saxophone but not guitar.
doglover5454 doglover5454 Aug 30, 2015
same thing with me I hate it they should be around it they don't want to get hurt