The Guardian Angel (Jack Frost x Reader) Book 1

The Guardian Angel (Jack Frost x Reader) Book 1

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~The Guardian Angel~
                》Book One《

    Jack recently became a guardian. He works with North and the rest of the team. So he should be used to company and not feeling alone, right?

No, not until he meets you. A strong, beautiful girl. But what he doesn't know is that within you is extraordinary power that even Pitch can't beat. 

Not only that, but Manny forbids you to be with or even like Jack. Now what? Will everything go well for you both?

      Find out in, The Guardian Angel series.

     This book contains romance, adventure, mature content, jealousy, and best of all drama! 

~I do not own Rise Of The Gaurdians characters or the products within the movie. The origianl authors and DreamWorks producers own this content. I only own the plot~

Please no plagiarizing thank you

Hot_Pocket_ Hot_Pocket_ Apr 24
If i could change into jack i would look to see if he has a big so naughty
I have blonde curly hair with one blood red stripe. My outfit is this
                              YOU'RE YES THEN YOU'RE NO
                              YOU'RE IN THEN YOU'RE OUT
                              YOU'RE UP THEN YOU'RE DOWN
                              YOU'RE WRONG WHEN IT'S RIGHT
                              ITS BLACK AND IT'S WHITE
                              WE FIGHT WE BREAK UP
                              WE KISS WE MAKE UP
                              Sorry. I had to.
I feel like Castiel because I love the color black and wear it all the time
XxNearxX XxNearxX Jun 20
This is actually me, my wordrobe consists of nothing but pastels lmao
itzKaroline itzKaroline Jan 05
I. Only. Wear. Black.. and with No wings... that's a bummer for sure!!