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Infinite Sometimes (Ryden)

Infinite Sometimes (Ryden)

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Ryden LJ Fics By rydenLJfics Updated Jul 14, 2015

ALL CREDITS GO TO "fullcollapse" on livejournal for this absolutely beautiful story.

Mostly AU, high school age setting. With the help of his friends, Ryan has just learned how to like life. Brendon hasn't yet found such luck. This is a story about strong relationships, trust, not wanting to be alone, and holding hands. There's a river, and just like its never-ending path to the ocean, some things just go on forever. Sometimes you need someone more than you need yourself, and sometimes, that's okay. Rating: R. Word count: 200,000+

I'm like this too like all I do during classes is write down song lyrics
it just doesn't feel like a night out with no one sizing you up
RyansEyeliner RyansEyeliner 5 days ago
"If you hit yourself soft enough with a baseball bat it actually feels good"
- - Feb 12
I'm re reading this bc this was the best thing I have ever read
Eli-anx-Gorrilaz Eli-anx-Gorrilaz Nov 30, 2016
"Room 107" haha that's my lucky number! This account used to be bethzeb107, and my birthdate is 01.07.02 so that's where it came from 😂
flugaaan flugaaan Jan 29
"even though it meant he would go gay back to bed after his father left for work."