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Sting x Reader x Natsu                                       (Under Editing)

Sting x Reader x Natsu (Under Editing)

185K Reads 6.7K Votes 50 Part Story
Abi Toto By AbiToto Completed

18 year old (Y/n) Dreyer is a Shadow God Slayer with a very complicated and mysterious past that not even she knows about. But what will happen once the Grand Magic Games begin and she starts getting her memories back? And will her two dragon admirers just complicate things even more?

HamilTrashCan HamilTrashCan 5 days ago
I'm 5,0 and full grown, HOW DID YOU KNOW IM SHORT AUTHOR~CHAN!?!?
AbbyDoucet AbbyDoucet 3 days ago
author-san wh wh * talks through sobs * why... would.. you do .... that * bawls head off*
AbbyDoucet AbbyDoucet 3 days ago
ok sssooo when u gonna send it to me because i can give u my phone number or email! XD
Catch me ousside how bow dah?! IM SORRY I HAD TOO!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
yusanime yusanime Feb 11
2.Don't say that to me. Me and Grey are breaking up soon 
                              2.WHAT HAPPEN TO JERZA
I see why gray and me are going how hahaha*thinks*(my gray-sama now juvia)*evil laugh*