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Aphrodite has cursed Camp Half Blood to where everyone is their opposite personality. Only Percy and Nico kept their original personality. It's up to them to lift the Aphrodite curse before it becomes permanent.

Pitbulls_rule Pitbulls_rule Dec 24, 2016
Wow...I'm gonna have to read the whole book before putting it down!!
AndiJackson AndiJackson Sep 24, 2016
I don't want Annabeth to be Annabitch but I don't like Percabeth either
SULapisLazuli SULapisLazuli Dec 30, 2016
From one to the stolls bidding you good day how weird is your camp
I struggled to read it because of the amount of typos and grammar errors.
AlthaiaSlytherin AlthaiaSlytherin Sep 05, 2016
Is this Opposite Day or its just a really REALLY weird dream?
muke_for_life muke_for_life Nov 01, 2016
( in one of those narrator voices) IN A PLACE,, WHERE THE WORLD HAS FLIPPED UPSIDE DOWN