The Pretty Boy's Curve || Watty's 2017

The Pretty Boy's Curve || Watty's 2017

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What if I can't leave you alone?" He says invading my personal bubble again.

"I can't just stay away from you Xan, I won't. If I can be as close to you as I am now. I will be."

Oh sh*t. Don't look in his eyes. He leans in closer and closer, damn does this boy bathe in cologne because he just smells great!

 He's so close I can feel. His breath on my lips. So close I can feel his lips touching mine slightly. If I moved or if he did we would be kissing. Oh, how I want to feel his lips on mine, they look soft. 

Girlfriend! I pull back quickly. "You still have a girlfriend, we can be friends but nothing more, I will not be the reason you hurt her". I walk away feeling light headed.

Breath! Just breath! I was that close! Too damn close, I am a lot of things but I will not be a home wrecker. I will not! 
What will happen when Xander and Tristan meet after years of being away from each other? Will their love burn bright? Or burn out quickly?

melaninpapi melaninpapi Apr 07, 2016
I love girls who know they are beautiful even they are a little bigger (that's me) 120 and I'm 5'2