Can't We Just Pretend?

Can't We Just Pretend?

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k e i a n n a  ϟ By BibliophilicMuggle Updated Dec 28, 2015

"Can't we just pretend, for one day, that we were meant to be together?" 

 Carolyne has been in love with Jamie since the sixth grade. But it's kind of hard to work that into a conversation when Jamie has also been her best friend that whole time. Not to mention he just so happens to be in a perpetual relationship with Carolyne's ex-best friend, Cecilia.

But when Cecilia cheats on Jamie, Carolyne seizes the opportunity to finally get him for herself, and asks for just one day to pretend that they were together. 

 When the end of the 24th hour approaches, will she find what she so desperately desired all these years? Or will it just be game over?

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