His Choice

His Choice

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Tyrion Keir, next in line to be an alpha, has always been fascinated by the concept of soulmates. Unable to understand the responsibilities which come along with the lifelong commitment, at nineteen, he's eager to meet her . . . until the fateful day their paths cross. And suddenly, he finds himself in a predicament. Should he accept her and risk losing his pack, or reject her to achieve his rightful title?

Denise Jerold, a social recluse, enrolls at Oak Ridge College to lead an independent life, away from the pressure and expectations of everyone back home. Amid the intensive tests, brief deadlines, and a hectic job, she doesn't anticipate meeting a very special boy, nor does she anticipate being rejected by him. Denise's now left to question her own worth and deal with her past, while trying to understand Tyrion.

Love is patience. Love is sacrifice. Love is acceptance-and they are about to learn it the hard way.

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siennafreya siennafreya Apr 01, 2016
If Denise knew nothing about the werewolves she wouldn't think like this and would be shocked at the way this guy had treated her like she was an object
I'm having trouble with this paragraph.  Is the tear that escaped her most precious, or is it all but her most precious?
siennafreya siennafreya Apr 01, 2016
Okay. If someone treated me like that I'd be bloody confused and run a mile. :)
KimTracey2 KimTracey2 Jan 10
A perfect pearl tear so what is she please explain she knows about rejections so if not wolf a witch ? Mmmm can not wait to read more
"What good am I if I'm not there at the times of you need?" is worded a little odd.  Perhaps try "What good am I if I'm not there in your times of need?"