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Megan Hayes and Logan Brooks are your typical, rebellious teenagers that spend more time in the school isolation room than an actual classroom. Well, that's Logan anyways, who so close to expulsion that even getting a bad score on a class quiz could get him thrown out.

They both attend a private school in the small town which consists of rules stricter than a prison, and a bunch of stuck up pupils with IQ's higher than Albert Einstein's.

When Megan ends up falling to sleep in class because of the previous late night she had, watching 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' until 1am with her Mum, she gets dropped in an after school detention faster than you can say "oops".

But who knew that sitting through a detention, and later in an isolated room with Logan could quite possibly make the school she despises actually worth going to. And who knew that in the 5 years of going to the school, the only person she actually becomes close with (and I mean really close) is the guy shooting paper spitballs at the teacher.

Tbh.... I've been doing this all the time... And I am badass in my class...
I've done this multiple times. 😁 <---- The face of a proud person
Is it just me or does everyone want her mom? I mean I would kill to have an understanding mom...
klthm_ klthm_ Sep 18
its 3am and my first day of school is today lmao why do i do this to myself
Same.......except I'm not good at it 😂😂😂✌( ̄︶ ̄)> I win!
If my mom comes home with clothes for me it's usually pink or baby blue dresses ,even though she knows I only wear black, and then she's disappointed that I don't wear them.