Girl Incredible

Girl Incredible

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Patti Larsen By PattiLarsen Completed

Her CIA bosses think she's the bomb. Kitalia Ore is positive of that fact. 

Okay, fine. Kitten MacLean. And they're her parents, but it's so much more fun to imagine them the other way around. And J.J., her MI6 contact? He's in love with her. Doesn't matter that her closest confidant, Jimmy Jones, hasn't spoken a word to her since first grade. 

Everyone at school adores her, too. Sure, they might not know it yet, but every single student at Rimtree High is her best friend. Naturally. 

She's just that incredible. 

When a new girl is being bullied, it's time for Kit MacLean to take charge and leave her fantasy world of fearless bravado and easy victories behind. The world outside her CIA missions is far different than she's used to, and her usual happy-go lucky heart is about to take the beating of a lifetime. But Kit has never backed down from anything in her life and she's not about to start now. 

Time to find out what she's really made of. Before the bad guys ruin everything.

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