The Heart of Alexander

The Heart of Alexander

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kendeldon By kendeldon Updated Oct 02, 2017

Based off true events tells a story of Roxana, a Bactrian Princess held captive under Alexander the Great. She was always taught to put her country before herself, but is there more to that than what she is told? But as she plans her escape, Roxana captures the heart of the Macedonian King. He adored her in a way she never thought possible. But battles and forces were brewing, and in the midst of it all, she must protect her own sworn enemy. Torn between the love of her country and the undeniable connection with Alexander, Roxana must learn how to live in a world of war and deceit as she is forced to become the mistress to the greatest conqueror of all time. The real question was...who truly owned the heart of Alexander?


All monsters were once like you, desperate and alone. But they embraced the other monsters inside their head.

Thinking back to my dream with Cassandra, I thought of Alexander's monsters. What made him embrace those monsters? What happened in his past to make so cold, so guarded from all? I wanted to know everything about him in that moment. His fears, his talents, his passions, all that he had to offer. But here he was, pouring his heart out without a single word leaving his lips. In response, I smiled. One brief moment of vulnerability came to light within us both, yet vanished into the darkness once more.

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elleonrosk elleonrosk Aug 26, 2016
Awesome! I can't wait to find out how you twist this story. 👏👏👏👏👏👏😉
royal888 royal888 Dec 28, 2016
such a stressful event.. historical fiction is heartbreaking ... especially when we read about war and looting and captive taking... So sad
The_Lancelot_ The_Lancelot_ Dec 31, 2016
It's really not beautiful once you're the blood, girl I forgot the name of 😑
suhaizanshah76 suhaizanshah76 Dec 28, 2016
She was brave due the circumstance she face...n also kind hearted...
Olga_GOA Olga_GOA Dec 30, 2016
 #TmwaCornerDiscussion I like how you described things, it makes your book really unique in this way. Battle and so many loses, dessert flower and her inner strength. I love it.
                              Keep it up, dear!
AnkhGoddess AnkhGoddess Dec 29, 2016
I liked the way you began the story, very interesting and intense. You also have very nice and strong descriptions.