Arranged Pregnancy

Arranged Pregnancy

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"In order to keep these packs together Courtney we need you to help us." My Uncle growled in my sisters face as she sat on the bed with her legs clutched to her face. 

Her blonde hair was flung in her face as my other sisters stood behind me trying to listen in on the conversation from outside the door. Courtney was crying as my Uncle tried to explain to her that it was a wolf thing, something I wouldn't understand until I was much older. 

"What are y'all doin'?" Tony asked as he stared down at us. 

I pushed my black hair from my black eyes and stared up at him. He stared down at my sisters scolding us with his eyes. He frowned as he pointed us to our bedroom. I grumbled something as he stood there still pointing, not giving up. 

"Come on guys." I groaned as I grabbed Aubrey by the shirt and pulled her along with Haydey back to our bedroom. 

I jumped up on the bed and thought for a second on how to get back into the conversation. The purple walls seemed to drowned the whole room a...

Soldier_of_Allah Soldier_of_Allah Aug 09, 2015
i would have done the same thing i wouldnt let my 14 year sister get pregnant