being seventeen's little sister • seventeen

being seventeen's little sister • seventeen

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『17's 엘』 By -ellesthetic Completed

ー what will happen if the sister of Joshua Hong, member of the famous K-POP boy band Seventeen, was forced by her parents to fly to Korea and live with her brother and his band mates.

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Started: 06/17/15
Ended: 01/04/17

Sequel: Being Dino's Girlfriend

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yes you should. every girls eats a lot. and when i say a lot, it's means A LOT
BaoziHamzi BaoziHamzi Sep 22
I can sleep on 1 room with the 13 of you so don't be bothered. *innocent smile*
So you letting your sister- who you've never met for a long time- live with 13 growing men including you??? Seems legit
emptygguk emptygguk Sep 21
theres this one time i legit ate 3 cheese burgers, 3 large fries and 3 coke from mcdonalds and i had like a bad stomach ache the next day djejhr
BaoziHamzi BaoziHamzi Sep 22
Nooo waay. I look like an ugly witch if i am compared to jeonghan
Lol just remembered my friend was born on the same day as Mingyu. Too bad she's not a carat