Being SEVENTEEN's Little Sister ✮ SEVENTEEN ✮

Being SEVENTEEN's Little Sister ✮ SEVENTEEN ✮

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The world knows, that the Kpop boy band SEVENTEEN's member, Joshua doesn't have any siblings, right? Well they're wrong, Joshua has a little sister who's four years younger than him. Her name is Hong Eunyoung, or by her English name, Emily. She's Joshua's younger sister, who lives in the Stated with their parents. She was very close with her older brother, until Joshua decided to live in Korea., she can fulfill his dream of being an idol. After 2 years, Eunyoung was forced to live with his brother, since her parents are always busy and no one will look out after her.

But what if she will live under the same roof with her brother's bandmates?

cover by: yzhayaoc 

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Aww poor boy I've felt that before 5 of my cousins fell on top of me and they weight over 40kg
wow....I love it already....Keep it girl....(or boy)
                              so....I'm gonna read the next part...
Tbh, I'd tell her to sleep in the floor. Or the countertops. Or outside. Js.
jiyeon1522 jiyeon1522 Sep 15
Ofc u're not a burden to them. U're the Gentleman's sister ! *and I'm reading this wished that I could hav said that* :')
SadieLor SadieLor Sep 06
Lol! No you don't! You have 13 members, how many rooms do you have? 14?
Almost. Everyone born in september in the comments...including me... xD