DYSTOPIA [hs] |Complete|

DYSTOPIA [hs] |Complete|

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k. By Steve-Rogers Completed

|mature content|

Humanity has hit the brink of defeat after an international viral outbreak that has consumed all of mankind. Whilst the dead roam the Earth it's discovered that they're not the only danger that will stop at nothing to kill you. Man vs. Man vs. Dead, there's only enough to see just who will survive without reaching the edge of defeat.

Relationships form and tear. Betrayal is an action everyone is capable of, but to what extent will some go to? Constant fear lingers and no matter which turn you take it always follows, but sometimes all it takes is an unexpected twist to occur for that fear to simply... end. 

- completed

stavol stavol 5 days ago
Just a question before i start reading because i'm so excited but does it have romance orrr?