babygirl☽ • A Grayson Dolan Fanfiction

babygirl☽ • A Grayson Dolan Fanfiction

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josie By localdolan Updated Sep 30, 2015


The hot & cute Dolan twins & the beautiful & lovely, Rose twins are the most popular pair of twins at school. 
They were all bound to meet.
Ethan Dolan wants to go on a date with Sophie's Rose, the soft & charming one. 
But must find someone to date Sophie's twin sister, Savannah in order to date Sophie. 
Ethan needs his bad boy & attractive brother, Grayson Dolan to take a shot at Savannah Rose the gorgeous, good girl & very intelligent twin.
Savannah plays hard to get with Grayson & tries to not get distracted by a boy. But Grayson continues to try.
It's all a game with a catch until Grayson screws up & falls for Savannah. 
But how will Savannah react when she knows the truth behind everything?

•the title of the story will make sense soon•

idfkijwr idfkijwr Aug 19, 2016
thats right i think your stories are amazing i love the plot twist and i love how creative you are  as taylor swift once said the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate and well u get the point keep doing what your doing cause obviously ur pleasing alot of people
aiishhaa aiishhaa May 27, 2016
What even!! Who says your stories are bad? They're beyond amazing and I get so hooked reading them!
cabello14 cabello14 Aug 21, 2016
You honestly don't and it make me happy that you stand up for your work, for what you like to do. 😊😬
GrethanFan GrethanFan Jul 29, 2016
Ignore the haters! I seriously love all your stories!! ❤️
cabello14 cabello14 Aug 21, 2016
I thank you for making this stories.  I don't read often but thanks to you and your AMAZING stories, I've stared reading more than usual. Thank you thanks you thanks youuu
BookWorm74313 BookWorm74313 Jul 20, 2016
If they don't like then why are they even reading her amazing stories