The Bully~Justin Bieber

The Bully~Justin Bieber

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*there is swearing in this*

~The Bully~
Part 1 :
I woke up the next morning tired. I looked up at my calendar and saw today was the first day of school. I started breathing nervously. No Justin will be there. I looked down at my cuts and bruises. My cuts weren't fresh but they were fading but still noticeable. My bruises were fading to. "Great more cuts and bruises" I said sarcasticlly. I looked in the mirror and smiled a little. I wasn't the prettiest girl but I wasn't ugly, I thought to myself. I went into my closet and got changed into some blue skinny jeans, my Marilyn Monroe crop top and some black high tops. I smiled at the mirror satasfied. I walked downstairs and out the door. Today should be interesting.

~Justin's POV~
I woke up the next morning to see it was the first day back to school. Great. I got up and changed into some black skinny jeans, Young & Reckless tee-shirt and blue surpras. "Swag" I said winking at the mirror. I smiled and realised Skylar was gonna be there...

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Am i the only one who cringed at the word "swag" i just said it so wierd like in my head
KingKelsieLove KingKelsieLove Mar 27, 2018
If you don’t read bad words then why are you typing bad words stupid🙄
Brokenglass234 Brokenglass234 Apr 14, 2017
Whos the girl please be Selena i love reading jelena fanfics
salejessica_ salejessica_ Feb 05, 2018
Wow...she was the first thing he thought about? That must mean something
gilinkster gilinkster Jul 01, 2016
Marilyn* sorry I just have a friend with her name and I hate when people spell it wrong but I love ur story so much!
heyitsale13 heyitsale13 Jan 02, 2017
Did she make those cuts and bruises or did justin in the story do