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All That Matters ❁ Benny Rodriguez

All That Matters ❁ Benny Rodriguez

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kayla By NotMakayla Completed

❝You like my sister?❞

❝Nah, man. I don't have time for girls, you know? Baseball is my life, that's really all that matters to me at the moment.❞


(Based in 2015 instead of 1960's) 


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You shouldn't have to explain yourself on your own book that you have written if someone doesn't like the 'offense' word they can leave and be done- don't argue cause no one cares the author can write whatever she wants and it's just a fanfic so seriously get over it.
ElizBone ElizBone Jul 14, 2016
"you little shits" is something i would totally say if not "you little pussies"
Abilye Abilye 6 days ago
I love this book so much. I've grown up with the Sandlot and I love reading and writing fanfic about the movie. You're writing is so good too!!
DemonCupcakes DemonCupcakes Dec 31, 2016
Why would you hate you're freaking freckles?!?? (I happen to like to play connect the dots with mine)( God I'm so weird)
DemonCupcakes DemonCupcakes Dec 31, 2016
She says -little boy- and all I can think is Edogawa Conan...(Am I obsessed with the show he's from?!??😥🙃
shannongarcia45 shannongarcia45 Nov 23, 2016
I always thought he was cute but him today no and he's 37 so double no