Trapped In Minecraft(Team crafted X reader) Cancelled. Sorry!!

Trapped In Minecraft(Team crafted X reader) Cancelled. Sorry!!

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(Y/n) Is a Player, that has been trapped in the popular game minecraft, the game had a glitch on the opening day of the new headset.. Millions had put on that headset and their physical and mental form was sucked into the game, Including some youtubers, or specifically, Team Crafted.. The game was on normal, and many have died, but, the world keeps track of the players by jumping on to servers that many of the people have joined and are now surviving on. The crater of the headset are working hard to return the people to their homes. Will (y/n) and the others make it till then..?

Well? Will you?

Nah. It's cancelled, so if you want, make your own ending, and send me a message if you want me to read it!!!

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Sil3nteyes_ Sil3nteyes_ Jul 09, 2017
No. They will not make it. They will all fight over y/n and end up killing each other.
AshDaRebel AshDaRebel Dec 31, 2016
Sao! Hell ya. I've played actual sao I beat it. But ya know you weren't trapped in side
DiviningBlade DiviningBlade Apr 07, 2016
-casually adds 49 more pages saying it- Well, I made the best book ever! -throws it at Adam- I have a book for  you! -Adam reads it- THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT IS SO INTENSE!!! Me: Indeed it is Adam!
Kittennitro Kittennitro Feb 25, 2016
This plot seems close to an anime I watched. *coughs* sword art online *coughs*
Nightcore1301 Nightcore1301 Jun 03, 2016
Hahahahahaha! 😂😂😂 emo looking guy... Priceless 😂😂😂
person1202 person1202 Nov 27, 2016
Best answer ever. Thats seriously what I say when people ask me why.