The Wild Cat

The Wild Cat

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Chocolate_Ninja07 By Chocolate_Ninja07 Updated Jul 19, 2016

She is Rainne...

She's the brain behind a broken girl's revenge. She wanted to blow everyone's mind so they switched places and played a pretentious game. 

She became Alonna...

The victim of rape and severe  beatings with a reconstructive face. A girl with a wrecked soul. 

She played well and she loved it but things didn't go according to plan. 

To kill the man who killed murdered her family was what she only wanted. 

But Aiden took it. 

The facade had ended and forgiveness was given and accepted by everyone....

But not for her. 

Bigla nalang siyang nawala at nagbalik para maningil kay Aiden. 

Nang umalis ulit ito... she took something with her and now Aiden is in search for her. 

She couldn't be Rainne anymore and now she is known as...


If you want to know what happened in their past, you might need to read "Warming the Ice Queen's tears".

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hatomivanro hatomivanro Jun 17, 2016
Onnea!!! I finally got here..:-) mahirap kasi i load ang story na to mabagal net nmn pero worth it sa wakas mababasa ko na  story ni Rainne :-):-):-):-)
Lick-Me-Mooooooore Lick-Me-Mooooooore Nov 17, 2015
Prologue palang nakaka excite nah... 
                              Hmmm....  I wonder anu kaya mangyayari sa buhay ni Aiden at Catarina????
Nicxiestrabz Nicxiestrabz Nov 03, 2015
Omeged !!! Anong nagyare TeTa ? Ba' t yun Prologue lang ang nandyan ? Saan ang mga ibang chapters.... ?
InIpsiusReginae InIpsiusReginae Aug 13, 2015
emeged. sya si zoe. from the lazarus effect. i like her. i like her.
Nicxiestrabz Nicxiestrabz Aug 08, 2015
Kumekeleg talaga ako at ang teaser ay sobra sobrang hot !! akala ko na melt na talaga ako. x
Pink_Demonise Pink_Demonise Aug 06, 2015
I hope the thing she pulled out in her bag is a gun. It would be cool if it's a gun.