Red Hood's Salvation(First Book in Series)

Red Hood's Salvation(First Book in Series)

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       Jason Todd wasn't always the best with being the most open. See, Jason was the 2nd robin, the infamous sidekick of the dear Dark Knight. You could say that Jason thought of it as a game, but as time went on it became more of a joyride. 

  Jason started to get a little out of control and Bruce saw that. The more he tried to intervene; the more rebellious Jason became. Jason, also had a weakness: he didn't see that line that wasn't supposed to be crossed, to him there was no line. Deep down Bruce knew he had to do something, but the anger and stubbornness the boy held was out of his control. 

  Jason decided to go his own way and find who he thought was his real mother, but things didn't go as planned. Unknown to Jason, Joker was there waiting and there was no Batman around to help. He found Joker and found his mother, but his mom betrayed him and turned him in. Jason only hoped Bruce would make it, but as those last seconds ticked down, he only thought how Bruce failed him an...

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