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kpop oneshots pt 1

kpop oneshots pt 1

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no longer active By -smoljiminend Completed

Yes these stories are mine, pictures aren't 
Sorry if some are OOC!
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- - Jul 09, 2016
                              LET ME GO L.JOE.
                              That's now my new song
iiAkira iiAkira 6 days ago
bitch what do you mean "bambam is that you?" you live with him and can't recognize his voice i have never even breathed in his country and if he blinks i know it's him get on my level
- - Dec 07, 2016
All I can think about is Taehyung from BTS with a baby in his arms.
ShellianJackson ShellianJackson Dec 22, 2016
God guys lol get a room not now but hey do it anywhere you feel comfy**
park_teddy park_teddy Dec 29, 2016
I don't understand why all of the Korean male artists has to either lick their lips, bit their lips, show their tongue, hold their crotch while dancing, doing hipthrusts 
                              I just don't get it