Mob Boss

Mob Boss

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luckynumber14 By luckynumber14 Updated Jul 02, 2016

Cleo has spent her whole life wondering who her father was. Living in the small town of Glennburg, Virginia didn't leave many options as to whom he could be. Now she's 22, owns a cafe, and lives in apartment above her cafe with her best friend, Kenna. For the first time in her life, things were going okay. 

Until a mob boss got shot in her cafe.

Now Cleo has the police hounding her, wanting to know if she had ties to the mob and if there's something sinister behind her business. On the other hand, the mob wants to know the exact same thing. Cleo is in way over her head, and just wants to run her business and get back to her life. Little did she know her life was about to change forever.

  • family
  • friendship
  • hate
  • love
  • mob
  • romance
TheWarsOfStars TheWarsOfStars Jul 11, 2016
Wait. "You and cleo"? Isn't it supposed to be "you and kenna"?
ilovetoread2018 ilovetoread2018 Dec 22, 2016
Amen girl🙌🏾❤️  I would cut off my big toe before I let that happen ‼️
dutchlatingirl dutchlatingirl Mar 26, 2016
PREACH YOU!!! Damn that's just independence walking around on two feet my friend!
dutchlatingirl dutchlatingirl Mar 26, 2016
WHAHAHAHAHA this is just hilarious!! I have GOT to do this once
Blood_N_Roses Blood_N_Roses Feb 04, 2016
Yeah..i also keep wondering why he didn't use the door LOL..probably it doesnt look cool..LOL love this story
dutchlatingirl dutchlatingirl Mar 26, 2016
WHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH Dear sweet baby Jesus whahahhahahahhaha