Nico goes to Hogwarts

Nico goes to Hogwarts

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lgo915 By lgo915 Updated Feb 01, 2016

Hecate is worried. The demigod she sent to her pet world of witches and wizards has not returned. In her worry she goes to one she knows can help.

She goes to the lord of the underworld.

And takes the Ghost King.

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You have my eyes... 
                              You have your mother's name! 
                              When you came into the world you cried, and it broke my heart!
*Le me reading*
                              - She looked at the sign it read 'LA recording -----
                              JUST ANOTHER LA DEVOTEEEEEEEEEE
BandAnimeTrash0 BandAnimeTrash0 6 days ago
and for a moment everything was perfect.....and then that moment ended
Am I the only one who stops reading to click on all the comments?
Hecate is now sorta reminding me of Hera... if she ends up wiping his memory... well :/
_mentally_creative_ _mentally_creative_ Nov 03, 2016
This is nightmare material
                              Your lying down Jin bed
                              Feeling safe when suddenly shadows reach out slowly, your frozen in fear.
                              They grasp your neck and begin to strangle you but not before they drag you into the shadow world where your soul never sees Charon, you are now a shadow being