His To Play. (BoyxBoy)

His To Play. (BoyxBoy)

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T^T TeddyBär T^T By 11LookAtMeh11 Completed

I'm only here for his sexual pleasure, I'm like every other innocent boy he has tricked into being his sex slave...nothing but a toy.

He found me crying in an ally way after I got so drunk and got kicked out of school. I hadn't been home since my expelling. I was afraid of my parents, so I wondered off with my fake ID and drank my sorrows, despair and problems away.

He was so kind to take me in for the night and I was grateful. In the morning I told him the full story and he said I could stay as long as I wanted. I took this to my advantage but it seemed he had the upper hand in the situation. He played me into being his sex slave.  

I had made a deal with the devil and became His To Play.

(Not exactly a Dark Romance anymore...)

Toni Mahfud as Axel Marten (he has red hair and grey eyes in this story just deal.)
Chandler Riggs as Riley Carpenter

I just looked through the comments and only one other person commented about the fourth wall, wow people
I just imagine a old man (not too old lmao) screaming but not saying anything..
So they're mad because you got a tattoo, not because of what its actually drawn? XD
chucker2016 chucker2016 Sep 18
I've taken "that shower" and had to accept a great BJ. Sigh. To feel safe, stay home.
What even is the fourth wall anymore with how many people that are constantly breaking it
vllowe vllowe Aug 03
I would have said that but I would not have murmured it I would say it lound just to see the look on there face