His To Play. (BoyxBoy)

His To Play. (BoyxBoy)

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I'm only here for his sexual pleasure, I'm like every other innocent boy he has tricked into being his sex slave...nothing but a toy.

He found me crying in an ally way after I got so drunk and got kicked out of school. I hadn't been home since my expelling. I was afraid of my parents, so I wondered off with my fake ID and drank my sorrows, despair and problems away.

He was so kind to take me in for the night and I was grateful. In the morning I told him the full story and he said I could stay as long as I wanted. I took this to my advantage but it seemed he had the upper hand in the situation. He played me into being his sex slave.  

I had made a deal with the devil and became His To Play.

(Not exactly a Dark Romance anymore...)

Toni Mahfud as Axel Marten (he has red hair and grey eyes in this story just deal.)
Chandler Riggs as Riley Carpenter

Tattoo artist: wot u want fam 
                              Person: y'all imagined zac efron naked
                              Tattoo artist: say no more fam
Uh, is no one going to point out they where probably pissed with the content in the tattoo.  It's two people literally having sex with the most kinkiest line ever and this kid is acting like the victim?
But to tell the truth in real life I would be upset like his parents
Haha first chapter and the fourth wall already has a crack in it
ilovepeas ilovepeas Apr 01
God damnit!
                              They always manage to break the wall, they are smarter than we first thought
ilovepeas ilovepeas Apr 01
Well my sister has 4 tattoos, so she's going to hell then!
                              She's so lucky