-Erotic Stories-

-Erotic Stories-

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Zeeina Siren Wills By Zeeina Completed

I walk into my boyfriend house it was quiet, that was strange.
I saw the lights on in our room just a few minutes ago.
I walk up the stairs to hear thumps it was a repeated sound.
I opened the door and my boyfriend having sex with another woman; I felt enraged, angered, pissed off.

"Baby I'm sorry." He said to me his dark skin was dripping with sweat.
His dark brown eyebrow went together as he frown his light brown eyes looked sad yet angry.
His seven inches was still hard I'm not gonna lie he looked sexy the way his curly brown hair was tangled and pulled into a ponty-tail.

"Whatever." I said walking away he followed  me downstairs.
"Baby I'm sorry I didn't mean it it was an accident." He said to me.
"Oh so what she tripped and fell on you dick repeatedly?" I asked sarcastically. 
"Why would you do this? I called you exactly 10 minutes ago saying I'll be home  now you just disgust me!" I yelled at him walking out the house.

I was mad, pissed and most importantly sexually fustraded....

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__princessismyname__ __princessismyname__ Dec 05, 2016
It does not feel good sadly.... It feels like your being ripped apart. The first time atleast