Villain Academy #JustWriteIt [WATTY AWARD WINNER OF 2015]

Villain Academy #JustWriteIt [WATTY AWARD WINNER OF 2015]

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WATTY AWARD WINNER OF 2015 - #JustWriteIt Challenge   
The hero of her dreams was too bad to be true.  

Villain Academy; where all the psychotic teenagers are trained to be the world's best villains.  

Try being the baddest of them all when the Puberty Truck is smacking you in the face--repeatedly.  It's a hard time for young, attractive villains who haven't reached eighteen.  And you'd think they already have enough to deal with when their worst urban legend fear appears: The Hero.  

So isolating evil-minded, puberty-hitting, aggressive teenagers into a confined brick building may not be the most intelligent choice of mankind.  It was inevitable for there to be one hell of a problem.

And that problem was me.

Dora_Ciamba Dora_Ciamba 5 days ago
And yet you were ready to kill a child mmh yh such heroism such goodness
samari1001 samari1001 Aug 09
Soo hero is not really a hero but the baddest of the baddest villains
Why would people want to be heroes because the villains have all the fun
GothamGirl99 GothamGirl99 3 days ago
Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn 😉
                              (the Joker too ofc but he's a given )
Didn't cho mama teach you not to head a girl mm'mm'mm that's just wrong *slaps ya real hard* YA LIL NASTY😑
GothamGirl99 GothamGirl99 4 days ago
omg people bibbity bobbity boo was originally from Cinderella not the "Descendants"!!?
                              maybe im too old 😂