The Arabian Desert

The Arabian Desert

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FeastOfNoise By FeastOfNoise Updated Sep 29, 2015

He was a cold-hearted bandit with the power to control her...
In order to protect her daughter, Fadia disguises her only child, Maria, as a helper boy when Zane, the arrogant, demonically handsome rogue attacks their town and claims it as his own, in search of its riches and treasures and a secret goal precious to his dark heart.
It is no ordinary town, for it lies right on the Silk Route, the route merchants and travellers used to cross the Arabian Desert since ancient times. It was famed for its strategic location, legendary trade and irresistible women. 

She was a raging spitfire that burned through his every defense...
To innocent Maria, it's either stay hidden or risk being caught and taken by Zane, a conniving demon in her eyes. Fleeing and alerting the Sultan to Zane's notorious crimes is no option, for the walls that encase the town and act as a giant cage guarded by Zane's men keep the town's people from freedom -a freedom most the town's people no longer seek once Zane's temptations and bribes corrupt their hearts and souls.

What happens when Maria accidently bumps into Zane one afternoon, revealing dark, long wavy hair and her long-hidden face? The answer is simple: Trouble.

Cover by @etherealinsanity. Copyright © 2015 | All Rights Reserved

Arabic people before Islam ( jahiliya)  and Arabic people after Islam are like different as hell so yeah as Arabians we understand
Im not arab at all but Im in Arab country working harhar 😊😊😊
Rereading it. Still funny.  😂😂😂😂😂 Scratch that I meant hilarious hahahaha 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭 Oh Gosh ! I'm crying!  :')))
"...shapely enough to define the contours of the boy...lose enough to hide the flabs" hahahaha
' i stood like a warrior,  legs apart,  hands held together behind my back"  me trying to play it cool standing in the bus without clutching to anything
Interesting chapter. Zane's character is beautifully written and the fishy character of Rashid set off some steam on the plot too. Still reading on...