Before You Were Popular

Before You Were Popular

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[COMPLETED] ❝Sometimes two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together.❞ 

 Celeste Sawyer and Archer Rossi have been best-friends since childhood. That is until a heartbreaking event, Archer is involved in a dreadful accident that wipes his entire memory clean of everything in the past... including Celeste. Celeste watches Archer rise to popularity, watches as he befriends the popular kids, and watches as he forgets all about her. Until Celeste is tired of just watching and decides to attend her childhood best friends family barbecue, after months of ignoring the family, in hopes of rekindling their friendship. Celeste is willing to do absolutely anything possible to get her best friend back. 

Will he remember her? Or continue to forget? Will they continue to drift apart? Or will Celeste realize he's not only her best friend but the love of her life?

Cover by: @RebellionOfALifetime

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#40 in Humor as of September 3, 2017

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etherealandineffable etherealandineffable Oct 15, 2017
Does extensive mean big words that people under 13 won’t understand? Because I’m 14 and I’m not too sure what extensive means 😆
_flaming_stone_ _flaming_stone_ Sep 19, 2017
Not for me I always look back at my notes when doing chem homework oh and when my class was learning proofs in math
how can u cut holes in someone's pants without them knowing? :\
Im1a1caticorn Im1a1caticorn Apr 21, 2017
Amy_Marie514 Amy_Marie514 May 27, 2017
@weareyoungwriters What is the girl who plays Celeste, like what is her name in real life. I can't remember. I thought you might know so that is why I'm asking. If you could let me know, that would be awesome. Thank You!
ThickBarbie1 ThickBarbie1 Sep 26, 2017
But he said we start together and we finished together, he didn't say anything about in between