Beauty is A Beast (boyXboy)

Beauty is A Beast (boyXboy)

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"Have you ever like really loved someone and then find out that they're fool of crap, but what makes it worse is that you can't hate them because you're full of crap too?" He asked sighing heavily," That's basically what my love life is like right now."

His best friend looked at him, eyes dancing in amusement as he winked," That's what makes the two of you perfect for each other. You're both full shit."

Nathaniel Titan is more than average. 
To parents he's the quiet older brother. Sweet and tender. But really he's a bit on the wild side. Just ask his best friend. He's more troubled than he lets on. His past is one that he will forever carry but it's part of who he is and he wouldn't change that until a certain gray eyed dominant seems to turn his world upside down.

WARNING: Light BDSM and boyxboy scenes.

(Going through editing)

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SarcasmDevil13 SarcasmDevil13 Apr 19, 2017
Niggah, he is gonna give you his best shot with his hand on your ass cheek. Honestly honey, you should be more careful with your words
Kimichan72501 Kimichan72501 Sep 13, 2017
I always think I'm a great dancer, but when push comes to shove, I'm just an overly aggressive head nodder
Ana_the_bookworm Ana_the_bookworm May 06, 2016
Saaaame tho. My dad expects me to drive to college and drive back every day when I go to college. I'm just like no. Gas, traffic, etc
lexmarce lexmarce Jul 03, 2016
🎵Hit me with your best shot *dun dun dun dun* fire awaaaayy🎵
MichelleKChapman MichelleKChapman Oct 04, 2016
it's sad that I can see my gay bestfriend tweaking to Partition. and I'm trying not to laugh
Agent_Nobody Agent_Nobody Aug 23, 2016
This is almost exactly what my family members used to say when I was leaving from a visit.