Broken Work Policies

Broken Work Policies

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India MT By MariaCook Updated May 19, 2013

"Anna could you do me a favor?" Colton asked.

He placed the box that was in his hands onto the top of my desk. I turned around to answer him.

"Sure sir."

No words were coming out of his mouth as he slowly closed the space between our bodies. My body was between his arms by the time he spoke again. 

"Kiss me." 

Alright so there are the two co-workers (Anna & Mason) who fool around before work, during the breaks, on the way to meetings, and after work. 

There's Anna's best friend (Delilah) who urges her forward to mess around with Mason on the down low even if it is against work policies. 

There's Mason's best friend (Jack) who was never much of a rule follower and supports everything Mason does, no matter how impossible and insane it may sound. 

Oh. . .there is also the boss (Colton Hills) who doesn't like what he sees going on between Anna and Mason. He doesn't like it not one bit. Well that's because it is against the work policies right? Wrong. . . 

Colton has always had an eye on Anna from the first day she came in to work for him. Yeah, of course he knows it's wrong and Anna is his employee, but are a bunch of rules going to stop him from getting what he wants from her? He doesn't just want the sex and a breakfast meal in the morning, he wants the whole relationship.

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                              Lol thank you, this time is better than any. I'm already working on the next chapter.
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@MariaCook i love all your books but i never seem to have the time to comment on them