Decline of Power (Percy Jackson Chaos/Khaos Story)

Decline of Power (Percy Jackson Chaos/Khaos Story)

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Samantha By samigirl101 Updated Jan 22

Unlike most Khaos stories, Percy declines Khaos' offer to join, yet Khaos sees fit to bless Percy. Without his knowledge of course. He now has the powers of the Void. And he is rogue, but needed back at CHB. When the Khaos army arrives, they need to find Percy. But when one of the Army claims to be him, how will camp react when the real thing shows up in battle?

Not like any Khaos story seen before... Hopefully.

P. S. You'll find out why I spelt Khaos that way in the book

Thanks @athxna- for the amazing cover!!!!

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callico2may callico2may Sep 08, 2017
What if their was a chaos/khaos  fanfiction where their were two different aspects of chaos. Chaos and khaos where one was the good guy with the army and the other was the bad guy trying to destroy the earth
artemis92003 artemis92003 Nov 01, 2017
True. I’m glad you chose a different name! I love this story already and about how much effort you’re putting into making this different! I am working on one of these my own and I’m not sure if it’s just me but it’s SO hard to make something original yet similar to others at the same time
Borealas39 Borealas39 Jun 20, 2017
Bothers... not the word i wound have used... but in my mind that girls name rhymes with itch so...
- - Mar 17, 2016
love how you said you wouldnt end it or put on hold i kinda hate books that leave a cliff hanger and then say it will never continue -_-
Goddess_of_sassiness Goddess_of_sassiness Sep 03, 2016
Excited so much....if that sounds like sarcasm sorry but its actually not I really am excited 2 read this
Mr-Matrix Mr-Matrix Mar 29, 2016
Awwww. But forbidden loves are the best! Oh god..... Please no... I am sounding like Aphrodite?! Someone call an ambulance, because I have some third degree burns I need to get off of me!