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The Mafia King and I

The Mafia King and I

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ANA By YaGirlViolet Updated Dec 17, 2016

Danger can be so seductive. It makes a rush of excitement go through your body.....makes you crave it.
  Camilla Summers is a responsible and no-nonsense type of woman who has faced many hardships in life. She lost her father at a very young age and had to fight her way through life to become an accomplished writer. She has the life she deserves until she breaks up with her long time boyfriend only to have her best friend marry him. She moves to Italy thinking that she will have a new beginning and a better life there.
  Enzo Ferret is a very dangerous man who is tormented by the demons of his past. He has lived the mafia life since he was born and is one of the many Ferret men who are mafia bosses. He always gets what he wants and doesn't stop until he gets it. He lives a life where it's better to kill than be killed. Where the strong survive. He has lost so many of the people he loves, that he has turned into a cold and heartless man... that is until he meets her.
  Enzo becomes attracted to Camilla when he sees her in the club. She looked so sexy, he just had to have her. Camilla instantly becomes attracted with the tall, dark, and handsome blue-eyed stranger until she realized who he really is. She knows she should run away from him, but her undeniable attraction towards him doesn't allow her to do that. When other mafia bosses get word of Enzo's infatuation with this new woman, they do everything they can to get to her and kill her to punish Enzo from all the wrongs he has done towards them. 
  With dangerous men at their heels, will Enzo and Camilla get the ending they deserve? Or will their story end in tragedy?
  Will Enzo give her up to save her life?
  Or will he keep her by his side and try to keep her safe even if it kills him?
  Read on and find out.

Ok, I know he's upset and everything, but did he have to say that to her in front of everyone😤
tur7le tur7le Jun 15
I feel like if my friends ever needed help financially I would help them bet it would never get to the point of paying for there college.
Could you please check out my book it's the first time that I wrote one and I would love to here your feed back please, thank you 😊😉
Mystic_beauty2122 Mystic_beauty2122 Apr 27, 2016
Why in the hell would you pay for her college, if i were you I would have her pay me back all that money tbh because no froend should do that to each other. That is just messed up.
celestialgoddesss celestialgoddesss May 15, 2016
I'd force that two-faced bïtch to pay me back all that money, wasting my mf time like that, smh. 🙄
Beautiful_Phenomenon Beautiful_Phenomenon Jun 19, 2016
Why the hell would you do that? Have her pay for her own damn education, I mean I'm definitely not rich, but I would never let another friend pay for my education