Tris Is Alive

Tris Is Alive

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DauntlessWarrior4 By DauntlessWarrior4 Completed

What if Tris didn't die in Allegiant but everyone else thinks she's dead. What will she do now that she has survived? Will she ever find her way back to Tobias?

First I would like to say that I have no rights over the Divergent Series, it obviously belongs to the amazing Veronica Roth. I hope you all enjoy it, feedback and comments are very helpful!



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Did anyone ever notice how the cover of Divergent has a flame on it and the cover of Allegiant has a wave on it? 
                              The water puts out the fire
TroubleMaker_AZ TroubleMaker_AZ May 29, 2017
Cuando se Ve Que La Trama Esta Genial Pero No Hablas Inglés 
elkafati277 elkafati277 Mar 12
Amar u shmuck let them get back together!!!😡😡😡😡😡
elkafati277 elkafati277 Mar 12
She is just under paralyzing serum u could probably feel her heart beat if u tried
ananyadivergent ananyadivergent May 30, 2017
One day I will kill amar and avenge all of my fellow fangirls tears
RKueen RKueen Jun 14, 2016
SHES NOT DEAD I REFUSE! SHE SAID IT HERSELF ONCE SHE WAS WITH THE DEATH SERUM! Hold up! She said it herself! SHES NOT DEAD! 'I'm invincible in this moment'