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From Where You Are One Shots! Various x reader

From Where You Are One Shots! Various x reader

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Luna Tamashi By NerdyGamerGirl101 Updated 6 days ago

Requests are open, lovelies!

Hello! These are just one shots about some characters that doesn't have that much love on Wattpad! In these one shots, the reader is referred as a girl, but guys can read this too. 

Some characters that I would love to write about:

•Wilbur Robinson (Meet the Robinsons)
•Casey Jones (TMNT)
•Danny Fenton (Danny Phantom)
•Hiro Hamada (BH6)
•Zoom (Hot Wheels BF5)
•Rex Salazar (Generator Rex)
•Ben Tennyson (Ben 10)
•Mercury Black (RWBY)
•Dick Grayson (Young Justice)

And any others that you may think deserves more love! 

I don't write anime characters, video game characters, or real people. I don't take personal requests either! (Sowwy...)

If you do request, please either PM or message me on my profile! I won't start accepting requests by comments by -O c t o b e r  3 1,  2 0 1 6-.

P.S. I don't own any characters that I will write about!

|S T A R T: July 13, 2015|

judai-yuuki judai-yuuki Jun 12, 2016
Question; are you gonna write more Ben X reader fics? I already read both of them and they rock~
Raye-Taye Raye-Taye Apr 10, 2016
Heya! I see requests are open!
                              Perhaps I could request a Generator Rex one? It's just that there's not enough fanfictions for the series! </3
BeautysBlaze BeautysBlaze Aug 05, 2016
Wow ur good at drawing! Also I luv luv luv it fan fics there great!
FallenPrinceAsriel FallenPrinceAsriel Dec 29, 2016
I was wondering if you could write a Wilbur x Reader for LGBT, like for males?
Hi can I please request klarion x reader magician  please and just a normal klarion x reader anti hero and hero one please(need more klarion story's barely any out there 🙁)
joselynsanchezzzz joselynsanchezzzz May 18, 2016
Can you do one  for me my name is Joselyn and for dick Grayson