Dreaming Reality

Dreaming Reality

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akaNGVO By akaNGVO Updated Dec 06, 2015

When America goes to sleep, he wakes up in a place where dreams and reality are indistinguishable. A dream world. But there's something different this time. 
America wakes up, but...is it America?

This universe is inviting, but don't trust anything you see or hear.

The choice is yours... Wake Up...or Sleep?
Author's Note: 
Heya! This is my first fanfiction so if a) you see any misspelling or bad word choosing or b) the characters are OCC or c) the info is wrong PLEASE PM me.
Also I haven't played Dreamtalia, so this is mostly coming from my imagination. 
Finally, this is not an Italy fanfic, this is a WORLD/XXI and America crossover fanfic.
Thanks! And Enjoy!

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