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He was the light to my darkside (slenderman x reader)

He was the light to my darkside (slenderman x reader)

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kaichankohai By kai_kohai Completed

Reader p.o.v 

I pull my (f/v) hood to hide my face from the crowd. I hold my bag tightly not wanting to run into people i know. As i make myself to the woods. I make sure no one was around. There were walls around the wood so people could keep out. People go in but no one return. 'Perfect' i though to myself. I throw my bag first over the wall. I jump and pull my self up and go to the other side. 

I pick up my bag. I pull out a flashlight cause it was getting dark. I then zip it and swing my bag over my shoulders. Then begin my trip. Im looking for a cliff or somewhere thats is far away from this place.

~Flash back~
"Papa...why is mommy not moving?" I look up at my father. I am 5 now. It my birthday. Mommy is being put in the ground by people. I hold my father hand tightly. Everyone left leaving me and my dad. "Daddy why does mommy have to go? Why is she under the ground? Why isn't she here? Why-"SLAP! 

"Shut up...SHUT UP! " Dad walks away. Leaving me alone. I hold my cheeck and be...

agustdiccs agustdiccs Jun 21, 2016
I am laughing like an idiot right now. That is just very rude "Papa"
office2office office2office Nov 08, 2016
😖I'm sowwie, but the way I was reading I was confused, But I <3 It
Luna_Cat001 Luna_Cat001 Jan 05
If she was weak the she would have died while you were beating her so..
DarkLord5678 DarkLord5678 Jul 14, 2016
My little bunny Stitch, he has stitches all over his body! His mouth is stiches, his eyes, arm, legs, because I tore off his limbs and stiched them back on!
kihyuna kihyuna Mar 06
I rlly want to shake slenders hands theyre probably
UnkownAuthorY UnkownAuthorY Jan 04, 2016
I like it all but the suicide part. But I love how you made the character a demon so I give it a 10/10 😄