Miss Ana's Butler        #SYTYCW15 #specialedition

Miss Ana's Butler #SYTYCW15 #specialedition

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Sherly Susan By SherlySusan Completed

Diana Wellesley, the only hair of a powerful family that could make the rich society shaken like a leaf isn’t impress with her new butler. He is obnoxious, rude and over the top. But most of all he hates her.
Will Diana able to change his heart and stops him for turning her life upside down? 

#SYTYCW15 #specialedition
This story was for Harlequin writing contest 2015.

All right reserved to Sherly Susan 2015

*The names and characters in this story are fictitious. Any similarities to actual persons living or death are purely coincidental.
For my fabulous editor and co-writer, Ottavia Huang.  Your obsession toward James and Ana scares the hell out of me! Thank you for always being there when I got mindblock and most of all thank you for understanding my silly imagination and giggling around with me. 
Thank you Raymond Prasetya, your twisted mind and funny conversations that gave soul to my story.
Big thank you for my photo team.
Yumi Kim Putzolu, the best assistant ever. 
Andrea Krakovska and Chris Redmore, you guys are the best models who really got into the characters and played them well. Thank you very much for the professionalism and determination to make the shot happen.


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BCWrites BCWrites Sep 13, 2015
Spoiled rich kid gets taken down a peg. I hope Diana is his redemption.
morning-bloom-roses morning-bloom-roses Jul 17, 2015
This chapter was hilarious! I love the book so far! Are you planing to add more chapters, or is there some kind of limit on the amount of chapters you upload for they are giving you for the contest? Good luck in the contest!