holding onto you • xiuchen

holding onto you • xiuchen

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Hyung told me that no matter what, I would be his only love.

But then, he hurt me. Badly.

I tried to move on from him-he hurt me so much. Clinging onto the hopeless ideal of a happy life with the two of us was both useless and pathetic.

Still, I can't help but hold on.


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Y'all can't tell me not to be paranoid cuz when I'm paranoid I freak tf out and it's hard to calm me down
I don't to speak in my own language but....... PUTANGINA, ANG CUTE NON MGA GAGO, TAPOS SI JONGIN, OW SHET MAGTIGIL KAYO
kuruta_2050 kuruta_2050 May 10
Why do i feel like chen's punishment will be kissing one of the members🌚?
wi arae wi wi arae wi arae wi wi arae wi arae wi wi arae! I’m sorry I had to.
hani_bts hani_bts Jul 20
Hueeee why my bias is bad girl .. Even this is fanfic.. My heart is broke🙃