holding onto you • xiuchen

holding onto you • xiuchen

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Hyung told me that no matter what, I would be his only love.

But then, he hurt me. Badly.

I tried to move on from him-he hurt me so much. Clinging onto the hopeless ideal of a happy life with the two of us was both useless and pathetic.

Still, I can't help but hold on.


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-xiubabe -xiubabe Nov 26
uh u better stay true to your words or i'll forget that you're my ult
baek and sehun must be fighting over who gets bite who's ass first
why is no one commenting on the fact he called us his babies
prob cos they're all taking turns doing the shower sex with baek yk
I knew exactly what the comments where gonna say, doesn't make it any less funny....or true 😂