holding onto you • xiuchen

holding onto you • xiuchen

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hello, angel By sheepxing Completed

Hyung told me that no matter what, I would be his only love.

But then, he hurt me. Badly.

I tried to move on from him-he hurt me so much. Clinging onto the hopeless ideal of a happy life with the two of us was both useless and pathetic.

Still, I can't help but hold on.


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i think u have typo errors in your writing cause apparently theyre gay-
Its already out in the public. "A Day With The Manager" something like that
Siccabee Siccabee Nov 15
I thought Chen's hair was naturally curly?? It's such an iconic look.... I'm so mad now that it's so short.....
_aveiro _aveiro Oct 09
I love how these managers and people don't want to show gay relationships because it may have a negative result on fans....but legit most fans ship them together and would celebrate if it were real
Siccabee Siccabee Nov 15
Lol I just realized K Love is a Christian radio station 😂😂😂
papanugs papanugs Oct 10
but what you say and what you feel are different [FORESHADOW]