Catlateral Catastrophe (Septiplier/MarkiplierxJacksepticeye)

Catlateral Catastrophe (Septiplier/MarkiplierxJacksepticeye)

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Septifire By SeptiplierIsMyFire Updated Sep 10, 2018

When recording and loading up the new level for Catlateral Damage, something unexpected and out of place happens to a famous YouTuber known as Jacksepticeye. Though he may not have anticipated this catastrophic and life-altering event happening, since it had, he had to find some way out of it and fast! He didn't want to be stuck in that form forever, after all.

So, the small, furry, brave warrior goes on quite the journey to find someone who could spot him out of a crowd; feline or not. 
When he does, is he going to be patient enough to wait for that raven-haired man (more commonly known as Markiplier) to finally spot the flaw in the feline he gained through a fan-package in the mail?

(Random Story | Septiplier | "AU" (Alternate Universe) | Feline | Eventual BoyxBoy)

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