Nineteen-year-old Charlotte Benson was always known as a freak. From a young age, her pack shunned her because she was special. Some said she had a blessing, she believed it to be a curse. Charlotte never wanted to see the future, it was selective. Nothing useful came from seeing countless attacks on packs seconds before they occurred. In fact, the images of death plagued her, leaving her a broken mess. She hid her gift from her pack, but it isn't long before they discover her secret and banish her to the prison, not wanting to offend the goddess, they plan to execute her. Little did she know her saviour is waiting just around the corner. Liam Sutton is Alpha of the Nightfall pack, and is furious to find his very own mate being isolated from her pack, he doesn't know why, but he intends to find out. However, her secret may just be the reason they get torn apart.

Now with a sequel! 'Bound' is the second book in the series, though it follows a slightly different tone than the first book.

  • alpha
  • alpha-female
  • alphafemale
  • alphamate
  • alphas
  • dark
  • goddess
  • isolated
  • mate
  • matebond
  • mystery
  • packs
  • power
  • premonition
  • rogues
  • secret
  • shift
  • unusual
  • werewolf
  • wolf
Damn flippin' Alpha! Trying hard not to swear in my comments lol
dilucas4444 dilucas4444 May 03, 2016
So heartfelt. *squeezes hands together and sighs in content*
Keekeeburst Keekeeburst May 30, 2016
It's called jealous. J-E-A-L-O-U-S.  
                                You are receiving jealousy.  Dont hid it flaunt it girl.
                                I would tell you that your going to die tomorrow and i know how to stop it, you my slave now, peasant
Continets Continets Jul 14, 2016
Love this story so far!!!! Fingers crossed that it'll be like this for the rest of the story!
malaysiaheartz malaysiaheartz Aug 17, 2016
secondhand_at_last secondhand_at_last Aug 20, 2016
This is like that one scene before Lee died and Duck died and Katjaa died on TWD SEASON 1 GAME