The Band Next Door (COMPLETED) [Wattys2016]

The Band Next Door (COMPLETED) [Wattys2016]

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Cait By xdreams2realityx Completed

"What the hell was that?" He hollered, pointing his finger to the ceiling.

   I cringed as his voice echoes through the room and the door slams shut. "Um..." I stutter. "Uh..."

   "What did I say about music?" Spit came flying and he looked like he was ready to bust a vein. If this was a different situation and I wasn't about to get beat to a pulp, I probably would have laughed. Scratch that- I definitely would  have laughed. 

   But as you can clearly tell, I'm not i n a different situation.

The Band Next Door. Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved. 

WARNING: This book has mature language/ swearing. Read at your own risk (gives you a waiver and candy)

highest ranking: #176 in teen fiction

AlicaMcBean AlicaMcBean Nov 07
Your book his so amazing and it make me understand how reading his so good for us
"there are 5 people that will probably read this"  2.2k read this.... not five :)
adominek adominek Oct 30
First off I love you already bc of your sass. Second I'm reading this and you have over 40k views and I'm like so much for those 5 people
My name's Katlyn too!!!!!!!!!! But I obviously spell it differently.
bryonypotts bryonypotts Aug 27
I haven't even read the story yet but I know I love you. The sass in this paragraph is epic and made me laugh my head off. Glad to know that you are awesome :D