To You, Graceless (CAMREN)

To You, Graceless (CAMREN)

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chase By torunafter Updated Feb 27

To a person whose life has been a literal description of bad luck, you wouldn't think Camila Cabello's father would name her "Lucky." A series of disastrous events molded Camila into a cynical 28-year-old, who didn't care to make connections with just anyone but vowed her life to protecting others. Following an intense heartbreak over a relationship she was forced to walk out on, Camila didn't expect to find potential love through a psychedelic rendezvous on a night around Las Vegas in the person of Lauren Jauregui. 

With two gorgeous older sisters, Lauren is often viewed as an inelegant, ordinary woman whose wardrobe only consists of jeans and shirts despite her very respectable profession. Nobody really cared much to scratch the surface; they merely stopped in places their eyes could see. But underneath all the clothes and skin, Lauren is witty and opinionated with a frustratingly sassy mouth and a heart of gold. 

PS: Working hard to make semantics reflective of reality.  And updates may range between a week or two, maybe three. Who knows? jk. It depends on my "inspiration" levels. 

More PS: Cover is done by @meerkat93, just like the one in "Not Quite The Opposites".
***whispers. She thinks this cover is awesome.

I'm even more confused than I am when I'm sitting in my law classes
Daddy Camila? Damn what's that on the floor? Oh it's my jaw 👅 💦
Yes Camila let Mandy go she's probably annoying and ugly and stupid
Oh and here I was thinking it was Lauren's wedding.. LOL. bye bïtch (mandy)
I read it as 'Las Vegas Strippers' and I got excited cause I thought Lauren was a stripper. Like can y'all imagine Lauren working a pole with her fine self?
Jauregayyyyyyyyy Jauregayyyyyyyyy Dec 25, 2016
I'm more confused than when I changed GCSE's and the class had already done 4 months of work