Repainting A Blank Canvas - [Riren/Ereri]

Repainting A Blank Canvas - [Riren/Ereri]

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♥Sushi Roll and Burrito♥ By MixRou Updated May 07

Sequel of Colorful World, Prince AU

Summary: The reign of peace never lasted, Shiganshina has fallen in the hands of enemies bigger than the king and queen and the last hope of the people, the prince has been missing for 8 years. Levi never stopped searching, despite all the blame and unwanted responsibility the people shoved onto his shoulders, despite all the hurt he felt when he failed his prince. He never stopped looking. 

But Levi didn't expect that Eren would find him first..

                              Me: Heheheheh I guess I don't have to wait that much for the smut then...
Me: *emotionless as fùck and is now relieved that we can now go to the part where Eren is older and sexier in a couple more chapters*
Carla's gonna be pissed to hear that Levi taught Eren swear words. 
                              Prepare for the queens wrath, motherfûckers.
Daaaaamn Levi! Back at it again with getting laid by children! 
                              Sorry I'll just shut up lol.
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                              Blood,Sweat and  Tears~
                              Thats the latest song of BTS!!
Levi: *holding little cute Eren in his arms* How old are you today? Twenty? 
                              Eren: *super deep and masculine voice* Yeah bitch how did you know
                              Levi: *slowly drops eren*